Green Design

Green Design

Ocean Constructions reduce the impact on the environment–including the reduction of green house gases – while increasing quality of life.

As climate change has emerged as the most important environmental issue of our time, it has become clear that forests and forest products are an important part of the solution. Sustainable forestry practices and forest products – such as those supported by Ocean Constructions – help to reduce or prevent greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which are thought to be the major cause of climate change. Forests help clean the air by absorbing pollutants, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

  • Ocean Constructions increase the quality of the air we breathe. Ocean homes “breathe” and provide circulation of outside air into the indoor living space.
  • Low VOC wood stains and paints can help keep upper respiratory systems in check, as well as reducing the incidents of eye and skin irritations.
  • Studies have shown that health and productivity are improved under natural light (as opposed to artificial light). The use of day light is a simple way to improve indoor environmental health and is an important component of green building.
  • An abundance of natural light is a standard design feature in all Ocean Constructions homes.
  • Energy-efficient windows not only improve air quality, but will add to cost savings and the ability for your home to qualify as a green building initiative.

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